Upcoming Events

 The Greatest Show On Earth: We are not putting on a circus but we are putting on our Annual Planning Meeting. This year, the meeting will take place over TWO Sundays. On January 21 our guest speaker Mike Wasyluk will be with us to talk about our forward movement with young people, and some of the challenges churches are now facing. Following the service we will have lunch in the gym which will give you a chance to meet and talk with Mike. Then on January 28 we will talk about how we will fund our ministries in 2018. Please join us!

 Facebook Launch: We have launched our NEW Facebook. It is EXTREMELY important that you like our page and follow it. To kick things off, will be a Music Monday. Each week a new sample of contemporary Christian music will be available to listen to on our Facebook Page. Then there will be a Wacky Wednesday feature. Ask the Minister anything you would like to. Those questions which are suitable for a Facebook posting will be answered each Wednesday. On Saturdays a Worship teaser will be posted to prep you for worship on Sunday. Your feedback is important and we look forward to growing and expanding our Facebook Page to meet your needs and the needs of our community.

 Thank You!: Cindy and Bill would like to thank all those who sent Christmas cards and expressions of the Christmas Season. We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, and will have a very Happy New Year.

 Tickets on Sale!: February is going to be an awesome month for entertainment, so mark your calendar and come buy your tickets!! Pancake Tuesday Feb 13th - $8ea (12 & under free) Valentine Luncheon Feb 14th - $10ea (12 & under free) Taste of Tartan Feb 17th - $30ea (show only - $15) Proceeds going to support education for young girls in developing countries. Tickets for all three events will be on sale in the auditorium after the service.

 Clean and Tidy: A BIG thank you to Shon Curren, the Stewardship Team, and the members who met last Saturday to take the next steps in preparing the spaces of the church for rental. Everything looks great!

 Welcome Anubis Coffee: Anubis Coffee will be serving coffee and pastry samples in the Church Hall after the service this morning. This new coffee shop has just opened in Preston and we are happy to have them with us. Please come in, have a sample, and talk to the Anubis Coffee representative!!! YUM!!