Upcoming Events

 Thank You!: We send out a huge thank you to Cheryl for taking the services for Rev. Bill while he was away. It was so good to see her again and we wish her well as she moves forward with her ministry.

 Chapel Renovation for All Nations: The renovation of the Chapel has begun. All contents are in storage in the church. All Nations will be renting this room exclusively. They will not be using any other rooms in the church. Our thanks goes out to those working so hard to refresh the room for All Nations.

 Woof Woof: We thank Romeo for curating the Facebook page while Rev. Bill was away. Now that Bill is back we return to churchy things that are not as interesting as Shih Tzus. Thanks Romeo!

 Thank You!: Thank you to everyone who assisted in any way with the two BBQ in the Park events…..our 20th year as part of Preston Sidewalk Sale Days. We had lovely hot weather for both and that’s good for business. After expenses and including cash donations that had been made, we raised about $1600! I have requested that these funds be allocated to our current up-date of the chapel. Excess buns, wieners, pop and unopened condiments were taken to the Bridges. Thanks again for all your help!