Upcoming Events

 Bingo: We are looking for people to volunteer at our Bingo sessions. We are scheduled alternate Saturday evenings 6:30-9:00 p.m. Requirements are few…helps to have a loud voice as we are required to call back winning bingos and good mobility is an asset in order to get to the bingo winner quickly; also, we are on our feet most of the 2½ hours. Since we began sponsoring bingo we have raised over $176,000!! We are required by the OLG to share half of our earnings with other charities of our choice, and the 50% we keep has been used for special projects and general expenses at the church. If you feel you are able and willing to donate some of your time to this on-going fundraiser, please contact either Donna or Brian MacKay. Thanks for your consideration.

 Chimes: Easter is just around the corner!! And so are the Chimes! Please get all your submissions into Jackie no later than March 17! St. Patrick’s Day! We would love to include a little something from everyone, but late submissions will not be accepted. The Chimes takes a lot of effort to put together and we really want to have these distributed in time for Easter. Please send all submissions to Jackie Greenwood at greenwoodjd@rogers.com

 Facebook Launch: We have launched our NEW Facebook. It is EXTREMELY important that you like our page and follow it. To kick things off, will be a Music Monday. Each week a new sample of contemporary Christian music will be available to listen to on our Facebook Page. Then there will be a Wacky Wednesday feature. Ask the Minister anything you would like to. Those questions which are suitable for a Facebook posting will be answered each Wednesday. On Saturdays a Worship teaser will be posted to prep you for worship on Sunday. Your feedback is important and we look forward to growing and expanding our Facebook Page to meet your needs and the needs of our community.

 Membership/Envelopes: Regularly we welcome new folks to the fold of Knox Preston. If you are new and wish to become a registered member of our congregation and /or receive envelopes to use for your regular weekly donations and receive tax receipts, please notify our Membership Outreach Facilitator, Patricia Ritchie-Hutchison. She can be reached at 519-653-2397. Please leave a message and this will be arranged promptly. Embrace the growth of Knox!

 Good Morning: As a part of our 5 and 5 plan for our church, the Session continues to look for ways to cut costs and increase income for the church. The Chapel, located downstairs, has not been used for over ten years. Before that it was used perhaps four hours per year. The furniture in the chapel is dry, unstable, and in some cases potentially dangerous. We continue to spend money cleaning and heating the Chapel while it is not used and does not generate income for our church. With this in mind the Session has agreed that the Chapel should be emptied for future use. All the furniture, the organ, the pictures, the books, the photos, everything will be removed from the Chapel and will be stored in the church. At a future date the contents of the chapel that are safe, stable, and reusable, will be used within the building. The empty Chapel will be available for future use that will make use of the room and will generate income for the church. Thank You.

 Information: Volunteers will be in the church to answer the phone Wed, Thurs and Fri from 10am-1pm.